14 Fun Facts About Rabbits

14 Fun Facts About Rabbits
14 Fun Facts About Rabbits

It is no wonder that rabbits are such interesting animals with so much to offer! Here is a list of 14 interesting facts about rabbits!

Fact Number 1: Rabbits Eat Their Poop

Do you ever wonder whether rabbits eat their poop? The answer is yes, but not always.
Rabbits eat grass, vegetables and hay. If they suffer from a calcium-deficient diet, they feed on their own poop to replenish their calcium stores.
Calcium helps them keep their bones healthy and strong, just like humans.

Fact Number 2: Rabbits Groom Themselves As Cats Do.

Rabbits groom themselves by licking their fur. They do this to remove dirt and loose fur from their body hair after the fur has been loosened by physical activity such as running.

Fact Number 3: Rabbits Have Their Personalities

The personality of a rabbit is often influenced by the way it was raised, the environment it lives in, and the time of day.

In general, rabbits are social animals that enjoy being around humans. They are very sensitive to their environment and may react aggressively if they feel threatened.

Fact Number 4: & The Title of The World’s Largest Rabbit Goes To… Ralph!

The Guinness World Record for the Largest Rabbit is held by a 55-pound British pet named Ralph, who eats $90 worth of food per week!

cute fluffy gray rabbit with ears on a natural green
cute fluffy gray rabbit with ears on a natural green

Fact Number 5: Rabbits Can Jump, HIGH!

As well as jumping impressively high and far, rabbits can jump even longer distances – up to a staggering 10 feet long and a little over 3 feet tall!

Fact Number 6: Rabbit’s Teeth Never Stop Growing.

One of the reasons rabbits don’t stop gnawing has to do with the fact that their teeth don’t stop growing. Yes yes, the rabbit’s hairs never stop growing and getting longer. To sharpen his teeth, the rabbit usually gnaws on hard things and thus controls the length of his teeth.

Fact Number 7: Rabbits Have Lots of Babies.

Rabbits are known for giving birth to a lot of babies in a year, with up to nine bunnies at a time. They’re born unable to see or move and hidden away in shallow holes lined with grass and their mama’s fur. The mother rabbit often hides away for most of the day to avoid drawing predators’ attention. Her job is to produce young, fast! They grow quickly from being with other siblings soon after birth; babies stay together as a family even when they get older.

Lots of cute bunnies eating together.
Lots of cute bunnies eating together.

Fact Number 8: Rabbits Can’t Vomit.

Here is an interesting Fact About Rabbits – they can’t vomit! The digestive system of rabbits does not allow them to vomit, like the other animals in nature. That’s why when rabbits eat something spoiled or get sick, their stomachs swell.

Fact Number 9: It’s Hard to Catch a Rabbit.

rabbits have many natural defenses that they can rely on, even when they’re running across open fields. They are experts at zig-zag running movements, which make it difficult for predators to catch and eat them.

Fact Number 10: Rabbit’s Ears Help Them Stay Cool.

Our tenth fact about rabbits has to do with their ears. Rabbit’s ears also act like a cool-down mechanism on hot days.

Cute rabbit with long ears in the middle of the desert
Cute rabbit with long ears in the middle of the desert

Fact Number 11: Rabbits Can Hear 2 Miles Away.

If we are already dealing with the facts about the ears of the rabbits, here is another interesting fact – they can hear at a huge distance of up to 2 miles, thanks to their big ears.

Fact Number 12: A Rabbit’s Life Span is About 8 Years

Generally, rabbits live a lifespan of 8 years, though sterilized rabbits (those that have been spayed/neutered) can live up to 12 years if they are well taken care of.

Fact Number 13: Domestic Animals That Are Similar to Rabbits: horses.

rabbits and horses have the same eyes, teeth, and ears (those belonging to most prey animals), as well as a similar diet and behavior. Clearly, a horse’s size is much larger than that of a rabbit…

Fact Number 14: The Rabbit Is An Evening Animal

When it comes to rabbit activity, it is typically during the evening and early morning hours when rabbits are most active.

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